The firm HOFMEISTER offers external services for its customers with the use of top-level measuring equipment:

Three-coordinate measuring machine IMPACT II CNC


  • Measurement of basic geometric items
  • Measurement of general spatial curves and cuts
  • Measurement of general spatial areas
  • Measurement pursuant to CAD data

Technical parameters:

  • Accuracy of measurement: 3 ┬Ám + L/300
  • Size of measured part: axis X = 750 mm, axis Y = 800 mm, axis Z = 550 mm
  • Max. weight: 100 kg



  • Universal camera measuring system
  • Measurement of geometry of tools and rotationally-symmetric products
  • Measurement and evaluation of the progress of individual geometries and curves
  • Measurement and evaluation pursuant to CAD data, printing of reports, consultations

Technical parameters:

  • Contactless measurement: 2 cameras, 4 axes
  • Accuracy of measurement:
  • Length
  • Measurement of diameter:
  • Even number of edges
  • Odd number of edges + (run-out coefficient)
  • Range of application:
  • Max. diameter .......... 170 mm
  • Min. diameter ............... 3 mm
  • Max. length ............... 300 mm
  • Max. weight: 40 kg

Optical 3D microscope

For the measurement on your part, we can use the latest measuring equipment that will impress you not only with its accuracy (up to 10nm), but also with its detection of the smallest details of the surface of the parts, which are often crucial for the correct function of the actual part but also for the service life of the whole product. The main advantage of this device is its contactless way of the measurement; during the measurement, the measured surface of the part is not damaged. Another advantage is the assessment of the surface both in the 2D and in the 3D mode.

Possibilities of measurement:

  • Optical measurement of micro geometry of tools (bit radius, symmetry of bit radius,...)
  • Optical measurement of profile roughness (Ra, Rz,...)
  • Optical measurement of surface roughness (Sa, Sz,...)
  • Optical measurement of profile shape in 2D (distance, angle, ...)
  • Optical measurement of profile shape in 3D (distance, angle, ...)
  • Realization of the difference analysis (geometric deviations of the conditions before and after; possibility of comparison with CAD data)
  • Optical measurement of surface topography in 3D (capturing the actual relieves, defects, colour information, ...)

We will create the methodology of the measurement with the follow-up evaluation according to your individual needs and requirements.

Roughness meter Mitutoyo SJ-301

Standard contact measurement of profile roughness (Ra, Rz,...)

Hardness meter RB-1

Measurement of hardness HRC and HRB on plane and rotation parts

Balancing device Acuro Tool Dynamic

Balancing of tools and tooling sets according to the required accuracy.